Rice Krispies Bites

Ingredients A
500g Rice Krispies
Sesame seed / mixture of dark sesame seed (toasted)
Peanut (toasted)

Ingredients B
2 brown sugar strips
50ml glucose
100ml sugar syrup
1 tbsp vinegar
4 bowls of water
rice_krispies_tray rice_krispies

Put the above ingredients B in a pot and cook under low heat
Stir lightly to mix well using a spatula, it will form bubbles when it’s boiling hot
Let it cook for about 30 mins, spoon and drip to test the consistency
Once the caramel has formed similar thickness of double cream, it’s the time to turn off the heat and to add in Rice Krispies, sesame seeds, peanut into the caramel and mix well

Pour the mixture into a tray and spread evenly and lightly firm up the mixture with hand / spatula (lightly pat your hand with water to prevent the mixture sticking to your hand)
Leave it to harden for 5 mins, you can now start cutting it to the shape, bite size that you fancy. Don’t leave too long to cut as it will crack when cut once it has harden.


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