Ipoh Homestyle Curry‏

Ipoh hometown curry 

2 lemon grass, lightly pad the root with cleaver
2 chopped shallot
Curry leaves
100g curry powder
2 cans of coconut milk
300g of fried beancurb
500g long bean, cut into 2 inch pieces (substitute with French bean if you can't find long bean)
100g pork crunch
6 full tsbp (add more if you prefer more spicy) of homemade chilli paste
(or substitude with a jar of chilli paste from the shop)

To prepare the curry
Heat 50 ml oil in a wok / pot
Add in chopped shallot, lemon grass and stir fry
Add in the chilli paste and stir it lightly with low heat for about 10 mins
Add in 1 can of coconut milk and constantly stir well to avoid burning base, a tablespoon at a time
Add in 100g of water, fried beancurb, pork crunch, bring to boil
Add in long bean and remaining can of coconut milk, leave it to boil in medium heat and ready to serve

  To serve
  Delicious to serve fresh chinese rice flour noodle ("chu cheong fun" sprinkle with sesame & spring onion) / Rice vermicelli + yellow noodle

  p/s: I normally make some extra curry paste and freeze in separate little container, when I feel like having a bowl of curry noodle, I will just need to unfreeze a small container of chilli paste, add in some salt, soya sauce, chicken powder to taste, cook with coconut milk, easy :)

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