Hainanese Chicken Rice

Whole free range chicken, prefer corn feed
1 cucumber
2 medium size carrots, cut into small pieces
1 small radish, cut into small pieces
Garlic – finely chopped
Ginger – finely chopped
Ginger – thumb size pat with cleaver
10 shallots – shredded
2 inches square cubes of butter
Chicken fat
Spring onion – shredded
Chopped chili
Chicken powder
5 cups of Jasmine rice

To prepare the chicken soup

Wash the chicken and cut the fat under the skin out, leave the chicken fat aside
Rub the whole chicken with salt
Fill half a pot of water (the size of pot enough to fit in a whole chicken),  add in carrot and radish, cleaver pat a thumb size ginger, bring to boil.
Add a tbsp of chicken powder, half a tsp of pepper, add in chicken and cook for 20 mins
Take the chicken out from the soap and leave it on a chopping board, turn to low heat and continue cooking the soup for 10 mins

To prepare the rice

Add butter into a wok / pot, add a spoonful of chopped garlic, a spoonful of shallot, small thumb size of cleaver pat ginger, stir fry it until golden brown, add in rice and mix well
Transfer the rice into the rice cooker (if you don’t have rice cooker, use a normal pot under the stove with low heat), add in 2 cups of chicken soup, add in chicken fat, a pinch of salt
While waiting for the rice to cook, we can start frying the remaining shallots (Once the shallot turn golden brown, it is ready to serve, set aside the fying oil for use in the gravy sauce later)

To prepare the sauce

Ginger & garlic sauce
– Heat up 100ml of oil, add in finely chopped garlic and ginger in a small bowl, add in chicken powder, a small pinch of salt,  pour in the hot oil into the ginger & garlic mix

Gravy sauce
– Add 20ml of soya sauce, 20ml of chicken soup, 2 tsbp of fried shallot oil

Final touch of the hainanese chicken rice

Chop the chicken into pieces and lay it onto a plate
Pour the gravy sauce onto the chicken
Decorate with fresh coriander & spring onion
Rice should be ready from rice cooker by now, take out the chicken fat and ginger from the rice
Serve it with chicken soup with fishball (my childhood memory from my Aunty)


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